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About Deviant Irene Huang23/Female/Unknown Groups :iconpurplewindhoney: PurpleWindHoney
~Murasaki Kaze Love~
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Irene Huang
Dunno what to write here...

Erm, I like cross signs! XD :heart:

Favourite style of art: One Piece
Operating System: Paint dot Net
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
Name: Kori
She doesn't really have a last name because she was an orphan
Epithet: "Yellow moon" Kori
Latest bounty: 335,000,000 beri
Marco's vice-commander of the Whitebeard pirates
Terra terra fruit (logia) ability to form rock or make her body into rock
Age: 24

History: She was saved by a kind pirate when her original village was raided by a pirate crew. He protected her when their captain always make her do unreasonable chores. One day, her saviour pirate died because of her. She had a big fight with the captain because he caught her trying to make a run for it with the pirate that saved her. The pirate that saved her protected her from the many beatings the captain gave and soon, died. Then she jumped overboard the ship. She wondered around the world on the streets and joined a gang on an island. A Robin Hood-like gang that steals from the rich and feeds the poor because that island was also being dictated. A vice admiral, a really nice one at that, came to negotiate with the dictator. He made friends with Kori and soon, she went out of control trying to kill the dictator because he made things worse for the island, and killed the rear admiral with it too.
The marine placed a 1,300,000 beri on her head. Her gang was captured, trying to help her get off the island because more marine were coming to get her. Even though she did a good deed of killing the dictator, it was still a kill, plus the rear admiral was crushed by her newly found devil fruit power. She wondered around the world a little more and then joined Whitebeard's crew when her name was really well known for stealing for the poor.

Personality: Don't get fooled by her sweet look. She's really merciless to those who harm her or her friends. She's the flirtatious type that hates being serious and tends to tease her opponents with her ability. She's always on diet, seen eating oatmeals all the time because they burn carbs. XD She's an older sister figure for all her crewmates even if they are twice her age.  

Hobby: Ordering people around, and making weird food for people


Honey (:iconxhanimilkshakex:'s OC): ((If anyone have watched Special A, Kori is somewhat like Akira to Hikari) She loves Honey to death! And always teases her a lot and always sides with her no matter what. In other words, her best friend on earth.

Rhoda (:iconrhodauchiha:'s OC): Rhoda and Kori talks "a lot" about anything they can talk about. Gossip -to- world welfare. They can't keep secrets from each other, they just can't. Even without talking, they seem to be able to talk with their eyes -_- XD That's how close they are!

Sidd (:iconrhodauchiha:'s OC): She advices Sidd what to do and what not to more often than Rhoda, because Rhoda can't stand but hit Sidd when he do something stupid. So Kori is the one Sidd runs to for advice.

(((((((We were talking and Honey said: If the OCs were in high school, Rhoda and Kori like Blair and Serena XD Rhoda, the perfectionist and Kori the messy blonde XD I loved that idea haha!)))))))))

Zoro: She used to like Zoro (before the 2 year time cap) after she met him when she followed Honey to look for Ace in Arabasta. She kept going to the Mugiwaras just to see him for a while on her trips and errands.

Hawkins: She fancies Hawkins because she likes Cross signs. She really liked talking to Hawkins about almost everything afterwards, so she tends to go see him on her trips more often too.

Whitebeard: How a father and daughter would be. :D

Thatch: Thatch and Kori almost had a relationship before Teach killed Thatch off. That's why she hated Blackbeard like hell and wanted to punish him herself.
  • Listening to: Share the world
  • Drinking: Mineral water


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